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Choosing the right energy investment.

Since 2007, Triple Double Advisors (TDA) has specialized in managing portfolios of publicly traded equity, master limited partnership (MLP), and fixed income securities in the energy sector.  We have developed products that allow clients to take a customized approach to managing their energy exposure.  Our portfolios offer high dividend yields that can be reinvested or distributed to an account of the investor's choosing. All portfolios are held in separately managed accounts with an independent custodian.

1) Current yields are calculated by annualizing the most recent dividend, distribution or interest payment made by the equities, master limited partnerships and corporate bonds held by Triple Double Advisors as of July 31st 2013.

2) Current yield includes the most recent dividend or distribution payment made by the equities or master limited partnerships plus Triple Double Advisors' current estimate of annual call premium proceeds based on market conditions as of July 31st 2013.